One more week!
The MindEscape CONTEST – Win for you and your friends free cinema tickets for the new movie “Escape room” ! MindFall will be part of the contest this time!

The fastest team per week in any of the indoor escape rooms (serial killer, bank or pyramid) of The MindEscape and the team with the most points in our outdoor adventure (Operation MindFall) will gain free tickets for the new movie ‘Escape room’.

The contest will be on for 1 more week:
1.         February 11th – February 17th
2.         February 18th – February 24th
3.         February 25th – March 2nd
4.         March 3rd – March 9th

Choose the right team, choose The MindEscape room, come and compete!
The challenge is on!
The MindEscape team